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Global Scholarships

District 6710 Scholarship Committee:  Kirk Alliman, Chair (Louisville); John Carrico (Mayfield); Val Claycomb (Elizabethtown); Rich Miller (Bowling Green); Sally Ray (Glasgow); Julie Schmidt (Louisville); Martin Tracy (Murray); and Charles Vahlkamp (Danville)

Rotary District 6710 is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for a District 6710 Global Scholarship for a minimum of US $30,000 for study during 2015-2016. To be eligible for a Global Scholarship, candidates must present a masterís or doctoral degree plan of study and a career commitment that address one of the Rotary Foundationís six humanitarian Areas of Focus as well as endorsement by a Grant Qualified District 6710 Rotary Club that has received certification for 2014-15.

Rotary's Areas of Focus
Source of Funding
Global Grant Scholar Qualities
Eligibility and Conditions
The Application Process
Items required at time of application
Items required at time of international application
Contact Information


Global Scholars are pursuing a career in an area of great humanitarian need and have a personal, long-term commitment to measurable, sustainable change. While abroad, scholars also give presentations about their homeland and study to Rotary Clubs and other groups. Upon returning home, scholars share their experiences with local Rotarians and others.


The Rotary District 6710 Global Scholarship is offered on a competitive basis for one academic year. The scholarship, in the minimum amount of US $30,000, is intended to defray costs of travel, required fees for courses, room and board, and educational supplies for study at the graduate level at a University outside of North America.

Rotaryís Areas of Focus

Global Scholars are individuals who are pursuing a career in one of the Rotary Foundationís six humanitarian Areas of Focus. Their graduate-level educational goals should support this career interest in one of the following Areas:

  •   Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  •   Disease prevention and treatment
  •   Water and sanitation
  •   Maternal and child health
  •   Basic education and literacy
  •   Economic and community development


Source of Funding

Scholarships are supported by local Rotarian contributions to The Rotary Foundation and are funded by available District Designated Funds and a matching Rotary Foundation Global Grant.   As a result, the number of scholarships available in any Rotary year is limited. Prospective scholars must apply through and be endorsed by a local Rotary club. (See list of TRF Grant Qualified Clubs)

Global Scholar Qualities Ė A successful applicant: 

  • Possesses excellent leadership skills and potential
  • Has a proven record of success in his/her academic field or vocation
  • Has demonstrated a personal commitment to community service
  • Has well defined and realistic goals
  • Has concrete ideas as to how he/she will make advances in his/her chosen career
  • Is sincere about maintaining a lifelong relationship with Rotary after the scholarship year

Eligibility and Conditions

  • The candidateís program of study must be at the graduate level.
  • The candidateís program of study must be at an institution of higher education outside North America.
  • The scholarship is for a term of one academic year.
  • The candidate must be accepted for study at their chosen University
  • The candidate must be proficient in the native language of the host country
  • Applicants must apply through a District 6710 Rotary club at a location of their legal or permanent residence.
  • The following persons are ineligible: A Rotarian; an employee of a club, or Rotary entity, etc.; a spouse, lineal descendant (child or grandchild by blood or adopted or not adopted), a spouse of a lineal descendant, or ancestor (parent or grandparent) of any living person in the foregoing categories.

The Application Process

  • Application is submitted to local Rotary Club
  • February 7, 2015: Deadline for submission to District Scholarship Committee; Rotary clubs should forward completed applications to Kirk Alliman, Chair. (kgalliman@gmail.com)
  • March 7, 2015: District Scholarship Committee will interview the candidates endorsed by a Rotary Club and select scholar. NOTE:  Applicants MUST be available for interview in Elizabethtown, KY
  • The District Scholarship Committee forwards the selected scholarís grant application materials to The Rotary Foundation and applies for a Rotary Foundation Global Grant to fund the scholarís study abroad
  • Applications must be submitted to The Rotary Foundation at least three months before the scholar's overseas studies begin in order to provide adequate time for Foundation review and processing.
  • The selected scholar receives and completes the final application online
  • The Rotary Foundation grants final approval and notifies scholar
  • Scholar must attend and complete an outbound orientation session
  • Studies begin

Items Required at Time of Application

  • Proposed field of study within one or more of the Rotary Foundationís six humanitarian Areas of Focus
  • Proposed degree and timeline 
  • Estimated budget
  • Proposed humanitarian project in the host district (optional)
  • Complete information regarding: 
    • The scholar's program of study related to the selected area(s) of focus;
    • The educational and professional goals of the scholar and how the scholarship will help to advance these goals;  
    • How the scholar will use his/her education to address a humanitarian need on a long-term basis.
  • Three letters of recommendation. The writer of each letter is asked to address these topics:
    • How long have you known the applicant?
    • How have you interacted academically and/or professionally with the applicant?
    • How does the applicant's proposed degree relate to one or more of the Rotary Foundationís six humanitarian Areas of Focus
    • Please provide specific examples of academic or professional work that the applicant has done for you that highlights one or more of Rotary's Areas of Focus
    • Please provide a percentage ranking of the applicant's status in your class/lab or organization of all those you have ever evaluated.
    • Does the applicant work well with others? Please provide an example.
    • Will the applicant be able to successfully handle a year overseas?
    • Is the applicant sufficiently flexible to deal with unfamiliar situations? Please provide an example.
    • Will the applicant be an effective ambassador for Rotary, Kentucky, and the United States?

Items Required at Time of International Application

  • NOTE:  Applicants must have received a letter of acceptance from the University of their choice and provide this as part of the online, final Global Grant application submitted to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
  • Proof of insurance that meets TRF requirements
  • Foreign language proficiency exam results
  • Host partner club/district and host counselor information
  • Detailed budget


For Rotary Clubs

 For Scholars



For more information about the Rotary District 6710 Global Scholarship, contact Kirk Alliman, Chair (kgalliman@gmail.com)